Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm Baaa-ack!! and Sisters Playing Nicely Together

Hello lovely people.  I've missed you.  'Course it's not you who have been gone, is it?  Sorry to have been absent for so long.  I was back in my home town, the Windy City, having a delayed Christmas celebration with my family.  It was so fun, but more on that in a minute.  Then, when I cam home I started having some sort of eye problem.  It hurt, just at first, as though it was scratched.  Then it was a bit red and itchy and watery and gritty.  So, I decided I'd better get it checked out.  The doc said there was no infection (forehead swipe), and it looked scratched - duh.  Well, she gave me ointment and drops and sent me home.  It still feels a little funky, but it's better.

Now for the fun part.  As you may have read in earlier posts, my sister does some scrapbooking and makes cards, and she's done some party goodies.  So, when we're together these days we tend to start playing with our paper stuff (unless we're shopping for paper stuff).  Since we were at her place, of course it was her stuff this time.  Having done parties, she has lots of leftovers from favors, invitations, thank yous, etc, etc, etc.  The first night we played was just a nice relaxing time using whatever we came up with.  The other night we played was a little different; I'll get to that in another post.  Now, I have to tell you, neither of us is exactly Miss Speedy when making our cards (or pages or whatevers), especially when we're together, I think, and the hour starts getting wee (as in after midnight).  I'll start something, and she'll make some suggestions.  She'll be working on something, and I'll put in my two cents.  And it just goes along like that.  Veerrrry slowly, although the time speeds by.  I'm sure you understand what I'm talking about.  We tend to get really excited when we actually have a finished item.  But we also try to test out techniques we haven't done before.  That always takes us a little longer 'cause we often don't have a clue what we're doing.  But it's all fun!!!  Here are the cards I came up with that first night....................

 We both love making flowers, so these are our own.  I wish I could give you deets, but, as I said, we were mostly working with leftovers.  I know the flower parts, ovals and squares were cut with Spellbinders dies, and the embossed piece used a Cuttlebug folder.  The brads and rhinestones probably came from Michaels.  That's about all I can tell you.

I am really pleased with all three of these cards.  I can't even pick a favorite.  I hope you like them, too.  Let me know what you think.

Added later:  I've decided to enter the first card into this challenge:
 I followed the recipe by using kraft cs and square and oval regular and scalloped die cuts!

And I entered the last card into this challenge:

Remember, keep your creative genius flowing...............



  1. I love them!!! So glad you and sister enjoyed each other!!!

    So, you were in Chicago and didn't even call me, huh?!!! Just kidding! Glad you're back!

    Hope that eye feels well soon!

  2. Ah, I love Chicago. Hope you stayed warm. Your cards are fabulous. My sis is a crafter too, though not always a big scrapbooker. My favorite times of all are playing with her. Thanks for playing along with Catered Crop.

  3. Ooooh Christine, these are FABULOUS!! And those flowers are just GORGEOUS! Oh and I know exactly what you mean. I don't even have somebody to talk to and it STILL takes me hours to complete a card!! LOL!! Sounds like you two had a wonderful time. Time spent together is the BEST part! Thanks so much for playing along in my That's Krafty Thursday challenge! {{{hen hugs}}}

  4. Beautiful cards...glad to hear your eye is better. I found your blog through Feline Playful & I'm now a follower.

  5. Very pretty. Like the ties and flowers.

  6. Just a little note to what my mom posted, during the time we spent up there, one night the two of them stayed up well past midnight and I was awake too (although in bed reading a book) and I noticed that it was getting close to the same hour they had been up til the previous night working on cards. I warned them of the time (because they said they were planning on not being up that late two nights in a row. I know better.) and went to sleep myself. How my mother and aunt can do that to themselves is beyond me. I am just that crazy (with staying up at all hours on my computer) and have often found myself falling asleep at my desk. I guess they sleep standing up and with their eyes open. I don't know. I do have to admit that despite the lack of sleep, the two of them end up with some really creative and neat cards and other crafting items. I wish I were that creative but sadly that gene passed me up. ;)

  7. Thank you Christine for commenting on my card! It must be so nice to have someone to make cards with sometimes. I must admit I can think better when on my own though as I chat too much! You have made a lovely variety of cards here using a variety of products which is so nice. Love the flower ones!

  8. PRetty flowers and cards! What a nice way to spend time with your sister! And you were out by me....I live on the southside of Chicago! ; )


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