Friday, January 28, 2011

Part 2: Sisters Playing Nicely

Hi, everyone!!  I'm still having issues with my eye, so I haven't been in a very talkative mood; going back to see the doc today.  But I wanted to show you the rest of what I managed to get done at my sister's during our last whirlwind visit.  First, though, I need to tell you about the visit we had behind our house yesterday.  We live in a rather typical sub-division, but it's a little bit hilly and has nice, fairly large wooded common areas, one of which is behind our block.  We see the usual small wildlife out there, such as squirrels, bunnies, owls and several various other birds.  Last week we spotted a fox for the first time.  Occasionally, we have seen a deer in parts of the sub-division, but never near our house.  Well, yesterday there were four of them grazing in our woods.  They were so beautiful, and I took out my binoculars to get a better look.  I didn't get any photos because my camera doesn't have great range, and I didn't want to open doors or windows for fear of scaring them away with the sound.  We still have snow on the ground which is why, I think, we were able to see them so well.  They stayed in view for quite some time -- just awesome.  I know they are overpopulated in some areas, and even considered pests by some, but we don't see them that often so it is still really a treat for us to have them nearby.

Now, onto the cards.  I told you in my last post about using my sister's leftovers.  Well, they're not nice, neat little pieces of paper in organized little stacks.  They're big and little and cut and punched and all catching on everything else, and I got to the point where I just couldn't deal with it.  (Yes, I admit, I do have a little OCD.  My house doesn't reflect that, but it is organized chaos after all.)  Of course, I had to sort it all out so that I had a better idea of what there was to work with and my sis would have an easier time finding bits later (really, I had no expectations that this would continue for long).  It was therapeutic for me, anyway, and while I sorted, she did some cutting and punching to neaten up some of the unwieldy pieces.  When I had all the piles of bits sorted into color groups, I thought it would be fun if we both chose a colorway, and then worked with it until we used it up or couldn't stand it anymore or simply had to quit because it was 3AM again (seems to be our usual bedtime when we're playing).  She chose the yellow/orange group (the smallest one, if I'm not mistaken), and I took purple, which is my favorite color, but also the biggest pile as it was the color from her daughter's bridal shower and wedding.  Without further ado, or much explanation since I don't know the origin of many of her supplies, here are the cards I came up with:

The first card is a simple mosaic I created using four teabag fold leftovers my sister kept telling me to throw away (I knew I could use them) and some squares she punched while I was sorting. Sorry for the glare; the cardstock is a shiny one, one of the largest 'scrap' pieces available.

Next up is a card made on a base with a pre-cut window, thus the inside cover-up.  Other than the base, the only new bits were the bling flower centers.

I found a piece of plaid dp that I loved and knew I had to use it somewhere.  It became  a 'table-top' for a flower vase.  The flower was made using circles for the petals and a glitter paper for the center.  I think the bitty butterflies are just too sweet.  I didn't get a pic of the inside, but it's got a nice "just because" stamped there.

More bitty butterflies!  Aren't they just the cutest? ; )   The focal point of this card is the beautiful dp oval.  Yes, it was a scrap, already cut and waiting to be used.  I know it doesn't show up in pics, but this paper is just gorgeous.  It has it's own dimension and glimmer.  All it needed were some, yes, butterflies.  Don't you love the tiny bow?  My sister tied it for me; my fingers aren't quite so nimble anymore.

The last card might be my favorite of this group.  The focal 'thank you' came from the wedding thank yous my sister made.  I love the way it pops here.  The little flower was made the same way as the 'flower pot' one was made but with extra layers added.  Another sweet teensy bow made by my sis, and a few jewels just for fun.

I hope you've enjoyed our scrapventure (new word -- well, probably used before ??).  I've had a great time bringing it to you.  If you have, I hope you'll take a moment to comment.  I so appreciate it when you do!!

Do remember:  keep your creative genius flowing.



  1. Christine, they're all very pretty!!! You did great with all your sister's leftovers!

    Take care of that eye and get yourself better now!

  2. beautiful cards. you do wonders to scraps!

  3. Mother, for goodness sake, that one card has an egg, not an oval. (probably poor punctuation but this English minor is bad at punctuation.)The deer were neat to see and it's always neat to hear the owls "talk". As far as your organizing my aunt's paper collection is concerned, she needs all the help she can get. The woman's life is way too chaotic, why does her "relaxation" have to be?

  4. I love the fact that sisters CAN play nicely ....sometimes! LOL!
    I don't have a sister and when I see lickle articles like this I wish I had one!
    Super cards ladies!


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