Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sad Day, but Good Memories

Today was my dad's birthday.  He would have been 87 years young, or, as he would have told you, 49.  He was always full of stories, he was very good at everything he did, always puttering around, and very often up for a good argument.  I have lots of fond memories of my dad; we lost him three years ago.  Today my daughter told me a friend of hers from school just lost her dad, and she asked if I could make a card for her to send.  Of course, I was only too happy to do that for her.  They may be adults, but still at a tender age to have lost a parent.  Christi, my daughter, said that her friend, Jane, always had loads of stuffed animals in her dorm room, so she wanted a sweet card with a teddy bear.  Here it is for you.

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  1. What an adorable card, and no one is too young nor too old to be heartbroken over the loss of a loved one. What a sweet little daughter you have to ask for a card for her friend!!!

  2. I don't know. With a great- grandchild on the way, he may have moved it up to 50 or down to 48 depending on his attitude. FYI, to those who read this, I AM NOT the one who is pregnant. My cousin is expecting. Thank you Audrey for the sweet comments (on this and the card for my grandmother). My mother and I appreciate them.

  3. My heart is with you. I also lost my Dad 2 years ago, suddenly, on the 29th Jan. His birthday would have been 1st Jan. Hugs....

  4. Sweet card to send to the girl who lost her dad! But ooooo sooooo sad news something like that

  5. Cute, cuddly bear. Three years, baby girl! Anxious to see you and more work.

  6. such an adorable card, lovely colors!


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