Friday, January 7, 2011

For My Lovely God-daughter, Allie....................

Hello Dear People!!

I must apologize for my neglect yesterday.  I know I promised something new, but I was simply not having a very good day; relatively minor physical issues that just get in the way of life sometimes.  But today I present one of my favorites.  I admit it is not brand new, so I cannot count it towards my goal for this year, but it does, indeed, come from my Cricut.  Well, half of it does.  The other half displays one of my other favorite creative outlets, sewing and embroidery.  May I present........................

This card and the accompanying ring pillow were made for my niece's wedding.  No, I did not hand embroider the pillow.  I did it on my wonderful Baby Lock machine.  I was quite pleased with the way it turned out, and the bride seemed to like it fairly well, also.  The card was made using Wild Card and Beyond Birthdays.  I used some of the test cuts and extra pieces to decorate the inside of the card a bit as it seemed like such a vast expanse of empty space.  If I remember correctly, the dp is from DCWV.  You may have noticed there is no stamping on this card - that has become extremely rare for me.  I did use my pens a bit to color the branches the doves are carrying.

Hope you've been having a good day, and I always hope you enjoy your visits with me.  Thanks for stopping by.

Keep your creative genius flowing.........



  1. This is a beautiful gift and card set!!!

  2. Absolutely stunning.

  3. Hi, Im sorry im later than some having trouble keeping up with myself with colds ect. I have come through the feline playful blog! your ring cusion is gorgous! I am going to become a follower so i can see what other creations you have for 2011! I have some candy on my blog at the moment, if you have time please take a look and feel free to sign up! Thanks xx

  4. Hello, I found you trough Feline Playful and I am now following you ;) I missed the chance to join in the fun with the linky thinggy on time, but if you'd like to visit my blog too, I would be delighted! ;)

    This is a lovely wedding set, very elegant!

    Happy and crafty New Year!
    Joanna x

  5. Hi Christine, Just thougt I'd let you know that I can't remember where I learnt to do my flowers but all I do is punch out three daisy or retro flowers of each size (so you have nine in total)in whatever colour you want or you can colour your own. Then I put a brad through the middle of them all, line it all up so you can see each flower, then I just sit it in a some water for a few mins or longer (depending when I remember to pull them out) Then I just flick all the inner petals up towards the middle and then squeeze the whole flowere together to ring out the water. You can tehn either get a heat gone and dry it or I just pull all the petals apart so it resembles a flower again and stik it on my project and let it dry myself!! Hope this makes sense.. I'll look for the tutorial and if I find it I will let you know!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  6. Here is another link for other flowers. I am going to try it tonight!!


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