Thursday, December 30, 2010


Just poppin' in for a quick sec to say 'hi.'  We had about five inches of snow on the ground yesterday morning from the storm that came through on Christmas Eve.  I wish I had taken some pictures.  Now, it's 54 degrees, and the snow has vanished.  I can't say I miss it, but it was pretty for Christmas.

I'll be getting more cards up for you soon.  I have to give my main 'puter a restart; it's down and that's where all my pics are stored.  I haven't made anything since Christmas morning, and my fingers are itching to create.  I received some wonderful gifts, including some great stamps from my lovely step-daughter, and I got a Xyron refill (although I don't have a Xyron yet; guess it's still on the way ;) ).  I also received a book on stamping as well as a new knitting book!  Oh, and my darling sweet daughter gave me a Scrap'n'Tote!!!  She helped me organize my carts yesterday afternoon.  Such fun!  Of course, it's full to overflowing.  So then she told me I couldn't get any more carts until next Christmas (or at least until my birthday in November).  I tried to compromise by asking for New Year or at least Valentine's Day??  After all, everyone has really great deals on carts right now.  Well, she settled for Mother's Day.  I'm not too sure that's going to work.  We'll just have to wait and see.

If you have plans to be out on New Year's Eve, please be safe.  I'll see you on the other side of the 1st.

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! ! ! ! ! 



  1. Happy New Years to you too Christine!!! Took a browse around your blog and I just love the fun and playful cards you make!! Very cute!
    Found you through the Feline Playful event and am now a follower also ; )

  2. Happy New Year! Came here over Feline Playful.
    It is so nice to meet new crafting friends! Your talent is amazing!

  3. Happy New Year.I am over from Feline Playful. I am now following

  4. Happy new year to you, I came over from feline playful, i am now a follower
    Kevin xx

  5. I came to visit from Feline Playful and loved seeing all of your cute cards! I added myself as a new follower and look forward to visiting your blog often.


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