Saturday, March 26, 2011

Six More Hours of Snow

Just thought I'd show you a few pics of our little visit of winter today.  It started with a long loud peal of thunder which ended in a boom, and the snow came shortly after.  Been snowing all afternoon, and it's forecast to continue until around midnight.  If I didn't know it would be gone by Tuesday, I'd probably be feeling really bummed right now.  The first photo is out the back door to our deck.

This picture was taken from dd's bedroom window down the hill.

My last picture was taken out the front door across the street.  What was a beautiful little tree full of pink blossoms is now covered in white snow.  I don't know if you can see traces of the pink -- it looked so pretty yesterday.

Hope your weather is nicer where you are.  I'll be back tomorrow with some cards for you.  Thanks for stopping by!!

Big warm hugs!


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  1. Snow!!!!!!!!!! Blah!!!!!!!!! :( Spring come back!!!


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