Monday, March 21, 2011


Hello, my friends.  I have one new card to show you today.  It's another card that my daughter requested for some friends who lost a family member.  She wasn't sure what she wanted on the card this time, but I know this family a bit, so I came up with an idea based on that knowledge.  My daughter was pleased with the result.

This card is very simple in design.  The frame around the cross is actually a piece left from a mat that I cut for another card.  The cross and the sentiments, inside and out, are embossed in gold, and the background stamp is in brown ink.

The script stamp is from Inkadinkado.  The cross and sentiments are from the Crosses of Hope set by Stampin' Up!

Sympathy cards are always a bit difficult to design.  More than other cards, they need to convey just the right feeling.  I believe this card did that for my daughter.

Thanks for your visit today.  I hope you're enjoying these early days of Spring, and remember,

keep your creative genius flowing........................



  1. Extension to what my mom wrote- I have known this family since their son and I were in high school together. Due to our lives and reality getting in the way, we have not spoken or seen much of each other since then and the son and his siblings have since moved out on their own so while the card would be to all of them, it went to the parents (the husband had lost his mother). Because of the lack of communication, it was difficult for me to come up with an idea for the card that seemed appropriate and fitting for the soon to be owners. I am lucky to have my mom to help with this kind of thing. She is creatively classy.
    - The DD

  2. Why, thank you, my love. I think we make a good team!!

  3. Thank you, Girlia, and thanks for visiting!


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