Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Birthday HI!

"Milestone Birthdays"  That's our theme this week at the CARD A DAY BLOG.  My inspiration for this theme is a family member (name withheld to protect the innocent-heehee) who is celebrating quite a milestone birthday soon.....eight decades of life upon this glorious earth with no signs of slowing down!!

I must admit, my dh and dd helped me come up with the concept for my card.  I was able to take their general idea, and run with it.  I started by printing the inside sentiment directly onto the card base.  Here is your first look:

I knew I had a stamp of a pick-up truck with various stamps for truckloads.  I wanted to go with  hearts, flowers or a pile of gifts.  DD like the hearts, so I went with that idea.
I needed a road for the truck, and found a nice paper scrap to represent the road surface and a stamp that worked great for the center stripe of the road.  Of course, the speed limit had to be the age of the recipient, so I made the appropriate road sign. Also, I had some scraps of grass that were perfect to add to the side of the road.


I had started out with a plain white card base, and when I knew what the layout would be I chose a nice blue for the background sky. 

 The sentiment, speed sign and truck were all affixed with foam tape.

Once I had everything assembled I added a tiny rhinestone on the sentiment tag and some larger rhinestones as wheel covers on the truck.

Here is a close shot of the outside greeting:

 And, finally, here is the full card.

 I hope my family member enjoys the overall sentiment of this card, and I hope you like it, too!  If you have questions about any of the supplies used, please feel free to ask me in the comments section.  As usual, I added plenty of labels for reference.
'Til next time; thanks for stopping by!!



  1. Very clever. Love the speed limit sign! You still have time to color the truck if you wish. Where does the truck stamp come from?


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