Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Neverending Shower...............................

card.  Okay, I know you haven't seen me lately, but I really haven't been in the shower all this time.  I'm talking about an adorable card I made for my niece's recent baby shower.  I wish I could remember just where I first saw this style of card, but I forgot to write it down at the time.  There are several videos and tutorials out there for those who are interested in the technique.  It involves only two squares of paper to make the base.  A couple of folds and cuts create the many-sided aspect of the card.  The fun...and in the placement of your design elements.  The card even comes with instructions; you'll see what I mean.  I'll group the main photos first, with close-ups to follow.  Yes, this is a photo-heavy post.

This is the front of the card, pictured with the double hang-tag with instructions.  The tag was tied on with ribbon to keep the card closed.

This pic is what is seen after the first fold.

This is after the second fold.

And this is the back of the card after the final fold.
Here are the closer shots:

I had a really fun time making this card.  With a little more time, it might have gotten a bit more extravagant.  I think I'm glad to have had limited time.  I was lucky to have used colors that coordinated nicely with the shower decor.

Check this out while you're here:

I hope you've enjoyed my little foray into a new, for me, card technique.  I'd love your comments.

Thanks so much for visiting, and remember to keep your creative genius flowing.

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  1. Christi Patton The DDJune 14, 2011 at 10:17 PM

    Cute but a royal pain to make. Though for my cousin, the math major and expectant mom, it was an enjoyment.


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