Monday, August 29, 2011


Well, yes, we usually think of new beginnings being associated with Spring, and, here we are, coming to the end of Summer and the first hints of Fall.  But I've had some of my own news since we last saw each other.  One of the most special new beginnings in our family has been the birth of Hannah Dorothy, my first 'grand.'  She is actually my sister's first granddaughter, born to my niece, Allie, on July 27th.  I was lucky enough to be visiting with my sister in Chicago at the time, so I saw Hannah within two hours of her arrival.  We had been at the hospital for quite awhile, but it was worth every minute of the wait!

In other news, I have a new computer.  I had been working this blog entirely on a tiny netbook - not really fun.  But the little computer was going a bit crazy, so I decided to upgrade before it failed and made ME crazy.  So now I'll be working on my sweet new laptop, except when I'm down in my studio where I'll be on the big desktop.  The only negative is the time it takes to make the transition.  I'm still getting used to Windows 7, but I guess I can live with it.

Some additional really special news.........I have also joined two new groups.  You won't learn about one of them until tomorrow when I post my first card entry.  But I'll tell you all about the other one right now........

I will be designing for a new blog.  We will launch the CARD A DAY BLOG on September 1 with a new card every single day. Our goal is to fill your mind with inspiration by constantly coming up with new ideas in the way of themes, techniques, images, recipes and who knows what else.  Designers of all types will bring you fresh ideas because there is just no end to what you can create with paper, glue and a few embellishments.

Our launch will start you off with ideas for the Fall season.  Never fear, it won't be limited to just Fall; we'll surprise you with other offerings as well.  THEN, on October 1st, World Card Making Day, we will launch our fantabulous Christmas Card blog hop to give you ideas for all the holiday cards you plan to make.  We know not everyone celebrates Christmas, so we'll do our best to include all of you out there.

We're planning challenges and prizes so be sure to check back every day for your dose of inspiration and fun!!!  Just click on the blue butterfly above to the right.

And, as always, keep your creative genius flowing............  See you tomorrow!!



  1. Wow, what wonderful news!! You will love spoiling a little girl. Congrats on your two new positions. You will certainly be busy. I enjoyed visiting your blog. Good Luck~!

  2. Congrats Christine! Sounds like lots of fun going on at your house!


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