Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Rages On

Thought I'd post some pics of conditions here in the St. Louis metro southwest area. Doesn't look like much yet, but it's really treacherous out there. We're awaiting the arrival of the thunder snow-embedded blizzard. Stay safe out there everyone.

These are from about 9:30 am central.  I'll try to show more later as the conditions change.

Warm hugs,


  1. Wow! Thunder snow? Hard to fathom here in sunny southern California. Stay safe!

  2. Looks like my back yard. I am South of St. Louis.
    Hope you stay cozy.

  3. Awwwwww, that's just a dusting of snow -- you should see my street right now; actually you can't see my street. The wind is blowing the snow so that all you can see is a white blur! They just announced all Chicago school closings and warning people to stay home!!! Well, I think I know how you feel about the weather!


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